4 Steps to Building a Curated Celebration Box

4 Steps to Building a Curated Celebration Box

My last few posts have focused on family and home design so I’m excited to write about another topic I love: parties + gift giving! I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to share this post but didn’t want to give any surprises away! When you have a friend or family member that lives far away and/or you can’t be with them for a special holiday or birthday, the next best thing is to send a gift, right? This custom birthday box was sent to my best friend that lives several states away and now that it has arrived, I’m going to share it with you! My long distance bestie has always been the most thoughtful gift giver so I wanted to create something really special that represented her interests and our friendship.

Subscription box and curated gift box services spanning all ages and interests have become increasingly popular. I always thought it would be a fun gift to send, however they can be quite costly. I decided that I could create a box tailored to my unique recipient that still fit into my budget. I’ve narrowed the process down to four easy steps for you to build your own birthday box. Make sure you read to the end for tips on how to ship your box!

Building a curated celebration box is easier (and maybe cheaper) than you may think!

Step 1: Really think about who you’re shopping for. Is this person sentimental or practical—do they value beauty over function? How would you describe their style—quirky or classic? What do they hold dear to their heart—trying new experiences or staying home with a good book? Once you’ve pinpointed a description of your person’s taste, write down a few key words and use that as your shopping guide.

Step 2: Choose one or two items with meaning. Not every single piece has to be deep and meaningful. It’s nice to have fun “filler” items as well! In this case, I selected a book that I knew my friend would love because we regularly share quotes with one another that the author has written. I also included a candle from a local boutique, Ellie Bee’s. This is meaningful because it’s the signature scent for our hometown, Longview.


Step 3: Add in your elements of fun! These can be very inexpensive but really add a personalized touch. Great ideas include: party supplies such as confetti or balloons, surprise balls, candy, lip balms, samples of coffees or teas, etc. Think outside of the box—paint a birthday banner or bake a sweet treat to add. These can be free or close to it but add a ton of love and thoughtfulness to your gift.

Step 4: Include a handwritten note. I have saved cards from my best friend since we were very young—middle school years at least! The things we discuss have changed and there have been subtle shifts in our handwriting styles but her cards and notes always bring tears to my eyes. They are by far my favorite part of any package I could receive from her.

So. Much. Fun. Who wouldn’t want to receive a party in a box?


Shipping Tips

Shipping something for the first time can be intimidating but it’s actually pretty simple! If you still don’t feel confident after reading the tips, I’m betting you could find help at a shipping store or post office.


Box or padded mailer

Colorful paper shreds or bubble wrap (optional)

Packing tape

You’ll need a box or a padded mailer depending on the nature of your gifts. You can pick up padded flat rate mailers and boxes from the post office for free. I used a box that I had at home and recycled some colorful paper shreds from the package I received from Chex.

Arrange the gifts as you see fit, paying close attention to make sure any items that could be broken are safely nestled!

Tape up your box and head to your preferred shipping location. They can help you with the rest like making sure your shipping label is accurate and in the proper location.

** Shipping from home via USPS, PayPal or other third parties is an option but will require a printer and paper or shipping labels along with a scale.


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